Butterfly Grahams

It’s been cool and rainy here in LA, which is totally making me want to bake. Okay, yeah. I pretty much always want to bake, but this weather makes me want to bake even more. So yesterday I decided it was finally time to try this graham cracker recipe I’ve been pushing off for weeks now. I’m not a big fan of making cutout crackers/cookies, because it’s so much more time-consuming than a simple drop cookie, so I rarely make them.

But these were worth it. They taste like boxed graham crackers, except a million times better. And they made the house smell amazing. And butterfly graham crackers are just so much cuter than boring old rectangles. Am I right?

You can find the recipe HERE.

Note: I made the process of making this a bit longer by refrigerating them in between rolling them out and cutting them into shapes, and again between shaping them and baking them. I do that with all the cutout cookies I make (on the rare occasion that I actually make them) because it helps them keep their shapes much better.