Hi! I’m Faygie, and welcome to my blog!

I guess you can say I’ve had a lifelong obsession with food. As a child and teenager I would read cookbooks for fun, but never actually made anything from them. It wasn’t until I was 20 and newly married (yep, I got married at 20!) that I really started cooking. I taught myself through magazines, and was always confidant in the kitchen, never afraid to try something new. I became obsessed with trying recipes and ingredients, rarely repeating a meal since there were so many others to try!

I originally started my blog because so many of my friends looking for dinner ideas kept asking me what kinds of meals I make. Back then my blog was called Bite Me, which I eventually changed to The Stuff of Life. After a while I started a second blog, called Sweets to Savor, to chronicle my passion for baking and sweets. I realized, though, that having two food blogs was a little rediculous (especially since I was pretty much ignoring my first one). I then combined the two into one new blog, Life Tastes Good.

I’m now 34, and a mom to 3 awesome girls… who also love to read (or look at) at cookbooks!

Note: I am vegetarian now, but didn’t become so until May of 2014, which is why you will find meat/poultry/fish-based recipes dated from before then.

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