Tova chased that poor duck around the entire enclosure:

Miriam graduated from preschool. I can’t believe she will be going into 1st grade.

It’s kinda become a tradition that when Chaim is out of town on business we have hot dogs for dinner one night. This time we did it picnic-style in the backyard.

No homework for 2 months? You bet I’m happy! Ask me again in a few weeks, and I’ll probably be all, “I can NOT wait until school starts again!”. But for now we are all just looking forward to a fun summer.

Some goodies from the farmer’s market:


A present to myself:


5 thoughts on “Lately

  1. Aw, looks like your starting your summer off on a good note! Love your picnic in the backyard- I’m totally adopting that idea for when I have kiddies 🙂 I’ve gone so long without buying a cookbook that I forget they actually exist…but seeing your pic made me forget how much I love reading thru them and made me really want to go pick one out. Maybe for my bday in a couple weeks! Happy Friday, Faygie!!!

  2. those girls of yours; adorable! the backyard picnic thing is one of the best things about warm weather; stella and i have been taking our lunch outside with a picnic blanket and sitting under one of our trees; it’s fantastic, and she gets to watch everything going on out there.
    the cookbooks! The Perfect Scoop is on my list; let me know how you like it. And i’ve never seen the meatless one, so i’m waiting for a review (because i trust you). 🙂 We all know how i feel about the Piece of Cake book.

    • I checked the Meatless book out from the library several months ago, and it had been on my wish list since then. I haven’t made anything yet from it, but I plan to this week–some simple dinners. I’ll let you know how they are.

      • Now I am going to have to race to the St. Louis County Library and battle Shannon for first dibs on checking out the Meatless cookbook! 🙂 Maybe they have more than one copy. 🙂
        Summers are made for relaxed family traditions (like hot dogs and impromptu picnics) and warm fuzzy memories.

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