Sweet & Salty Ice Cream Bites

Sweet & Salty Ice Cream Bites

What happens when you run out of ice cream cones but you want your vanilla bean ice cream in something crunchy? Your reach for tortilla chips, of course! In this case Tostitos Scoops, which are little tortilla chip bowls perfectly shaped for holding salsa ice cream.

I know ice cream and tortilla chips probably sound weird together. I thought so, too. But then I tried it, and I could not stop eating it! To begin with, the sweet ice cream and the salty chips are pretty much a match made in heaven if you love sweet & salty like I do. Plus, vanilla and corn go together astonishingly well.

*This brilliant idea is courtesy of my brilliant husband.


One thought on “Sweet & Salty Ice Cream Bites

  1. i still can’t get over how much of a genius your husband is for this. Talk about resourceful; i feel like that man could EASILY survive on a dessert island. Just saying. 🙂

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